To Create Better Content: Know Your Audience

As soon as the next tweet, update, and 'you won't believe this' click-bait headline makes it to the top of the newsfeed, another piece of content is created. The only way to breakthrough the noise is to be memorable, create connection, and inspire action. The key to being able to do this is to know your audience.

Consider first what makes content worth attention. What about the title of an article, the thumbnail of a video, the subject of an email puts a pause in the news feed scroll and entices someone to click? Taking that one step ahead, what then can compel a captive audience to take action? Whether that action is to share the content, make a purchase, or "sign up".

Think to the last time you were enticed to click or compelled to take action. Did the content:

  • Make you laugh, cry, gasp in shock? In other words, did the content connect with you emotionally.
  • Align with your beliefs or challenge them enough to make you comment to set the record straight? In other words, did the content validate the tribe and values you subscribe to.
  • Introduce valuable insight into a problem you've been tackling. In other words, did the content have utility or a great takeaway that helped you.

Know your audience. Design content around what they desire to connect with emotionally, what they value and the affiliations that create their identity, and what they need help to solve.

Doing this successfully will not only win attention for an instant, but has the potential to create connection and affinity for a brand.