What Branding Can Do to Grow Your Freelance Business

What do you want your freelance business to be known for? When clients knock on your door and want to work with you - what brings them to you?

A great brand communicates the value and reputation of your freelance business and attracts ideal clients with a compelling message to do business with you. A great brand can make both a first and lasting impression. As any freelancer knows, that can be the key to creating a new business opportunity or missing the mark.


Stand Out From The Crowd

An authentic and consistent online brand can make you stand out from the crowd. This isn't about competing with similar service providers or professionals in your market, but instead differentiating what is unique about working with you and the value you have to offer your clients. Having a clear brand will give clients a better understanding of the services you provide, your experience and unique expertise, and ultimately a compelling reason to do business with you.

Connect With Your Ideal Client

Developing your brand is also an exercise in gaining clarity on your business purpose and vision. Through this process, you will also zero in on who the ideal client is that you are marketing your brand to. Brand development is an essential first step toward planning your freelance business growth. This will create clarity on the type of work you want your freelance business to thrive on and the ideal client base you would like to work with.

Your Brand Is Not Your Logo

A brand is not a logo, a business card, or a portfolio. These are all elements that communicate the personality, values, and purpose of your brand. Having these elements come together in a cohesive online identity is essential to marketing a freelance business today. Savvy freelancers use personal websites and social media to communicate brand identity, showcase portfolio work, and prospect new clients. Here's a quick checklist to make sure your online brand experience is on point:

  • Clear business purpose: What is your "why?" Make sure you are communicating what your business does through your website and social media bio profiles.
  • Social profile branding: Is your account name consistent across all your social media profiles and does the name chosen create an impression for your freelance business name?
  • Visual identity: Is your visual identity consistent across your website and social media branding? Colors, logos, typography, stock photography - are all of these elements on brand and cohesive.

Get started today with A Savvy Collective Creative social media branding kits for the DIY business owner. Want to book a social media branding consult and take marketing for your freelance business to the next level? Contact me below for a custom social media marketing proposal.  

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