Starting a Business Blog: 3 Steps to Consider Before you Hit "Post"

Whether you are a creative careerist or business owner, if your goal is to generate business growth starting a blog is a no brainer. Many savvy creatives are harnessing the power of storytelling and content marketing to attract new clients and customers, establish credibility as a new business, and further their brand reach online. If you're starting a business blog, here are 3 steps to consider before publishing your first post.

What are your goals?

First, start with asking "why start a blog? what's in it for me?" By getting clear on your business goals before starting a blog, right away you can get a feel for the types of content you will create, who you intend to connect with, and what business goals are driving the decision to become a content creator. Will you start a blog to: grow an audience, define your brand personality, sell your product, etc.. All of these are solid reasons for starting a brand blog presence, just know ultimately what are you working toward and what success looks like. Know how you will define if the payoff is worth the effort.

Who is your customer?

Remember, the #1 tip to creating great content is to know your audience. Who will this content ideally reach and how would you like this audience to experience your brand? This will set the tone for all the brand content created. Great content enhances what this audience wants to know, feel, and do. Great content can create a connection with customers that goes beyond solving their needs with the solution your product offers. Great content can tell your brand story, enhance what makes your product desirable, and generate influential referrals for your business.

How will you resource your blog activities?

Consistency is key, so before you get started it is ideal to have a good bank of content to publish over a scheduled cadence. Do you have the time and know-how to dedicate to creating high-quality content that will represent your brand? Or, will you outsource this activity to hired talent and consultants? Either option is a solid choice. The key here is to set yourself up for success by considering the necessary resource to produce consistent content that will connect to your ideal audience and inspire a relationship with your brand. A relationship with your brand can create a sale transaction, while this can also lead to word of mouth recommendations and influential endorsements.

What is your biggest hurdle or challenge to starting up a business blog? Leave a comment below or hit me up @savvymediagal on Instagram or Twitter.