Must-Follow Instagram Hashtags for Creative Entrepreneurs

I hear this all the time, "I love scrolling through the #insert-your-fave-hashtag-here feed for creative inspiration and to connect with other creatives online." Isn't that true?

Instagram makes it easy to show your work, your process, and curate content that inspires you. Plus, Instagrammers virtually build community - one that you can participate in to grow your creative business' network one friend and follower at a time.

If you're just getting started on Instagram this list should come in handy. Here are must-follow hashtags that creatives are using on Instagram. Follow for inspiration. Then, use them to virtually network and get your business noticed.


This hashtag was started by the Rising Tide Society, to build a community of creative entrepreneurs and business owners. This group also formed #TuesdaysTogether gatherings that bring creatives together once a month to network and learn from each other, look for the local chapter in your area.


Etsy-preneurs, crafters, diy enthusiasts, makers, designers - this one's for you. Put simply: pictures of pretty things, handmade.


Find tidbits of actionable advice from business owners here. As well as the occasional inspo quote to keep you on your hustle when the juggle gets real.


What started as conversation around Darling magazine has become a movement of its own. This hashtag is full of creatives' snaps finding the darling and inspiring in everyday moments. See behind-the-scenes perspectives from your favorite creatives here, and share your own. 


Started by Glitter Guide, you can imagine this hashtag is for pops-of-color, glittery expressions, and whimsically styled details. In a word: delightful.


Use this hashtag to find like-minded creatives to connect with, and hey - introduce yourself to the Instagrammer community! Don't be a lurker, now. :) This hashtag is full of short tales from creatives - how their business got started, what they're working on now, and other interesting personal stories. 

Have a favorite Instagram hashtag that you want the creative community to tag and follow? Share it in the comments below. Catch you on IG! Follow for follow @savvymediagal.