4 Steps To Start Your Creative Hustle

Whether you are launching a creative small business or side hustling a passion project, these are 4 actionable steps you can take toward turning your first steps forward into a leap. You got this!


Whether it's sharpening tools in the skillset you already have or learning a new craft to push your work forward, make time for exercising your beginner's mindset and getting out of your comfort zone. Staying on top of the latest trends or shifting business models in your industry takes time, resources, and education. You owe it to yourself to be at the top of your game. Continue to grow by skilling-up on the things that will increase your expertise and ultimately your value to customers and partners.

Surround Yourself With Like-minded Peers

If you have big goals for being the best at your craft and sought after in your industry, do not close yourself off to your "competition". Surrounding yourself with like-minded peers can elevate what you do, achiever. Growing your business will take time, effort, and drive. It will also take a community of supporters and peers that push you to do your best work. Surrounding yourself with people that "get it" is a great way to stay motivated, and you may make connections with trusted friends who you can turn to for business advice along the way.

Do NOT Netflix-and-chill

Nothing against Netflix here.. or chilling, actually. Just a friendly dose of truth here. No one is going to do the work for you. Distraction by screen time compromises the most limited and precious resource that your business needs to thrive - your time. That means, less binge watching and social media scrolling while getting more focused and productive with where you spend your time.

Have a Future Vision

Here's the thing with having a future vision, the only way to create absolute focus and stay motivated when things get challenging is to know where you're headed and why. Why are you starting this business? Who do you see yourself becoming as you find success, and what does success look like? All of these questions and more can be answered by your authentic vision for the future of your business. You can be analytical and map out your five year business plan. You can be creative and create a visual vision board. However you approach this, do it early and sincerely.

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