3 Truths About Staying Motivated as a Creative Hustler

When you are a creative hustler, motivation directly impacts your work and the returns on your hustle. Here are a few honest truths about staying inspired while creating, giving yourself a break from inevitable burnout, and kicking distractions to stay focused. Plus, skip to the end for a free resource for creative business owners like you! Preview the Plan Your Savvy Business workbook.


Balance inspiration and creation

The most accomplished creative hustlers create a balance between seeking out inspiration and putting in the work to create. They also know that staying inspired is a proactive process. Whether it is keeping an inspiration file, participating in a community of fellow creatives, or some other way - seeking out inspiration is proactive. They also know that in the pursuit of the hustle, that the returns come in only when you have product to put out. A successful creative hustler doesn’t stall progress by hesitating to start or spinning wheels on perfection. As much as they dream, they do.

Reset when you need to

At times a creative hustler can “hit a wall” or experience a situation where they aren’t satisfied with the output of their work. The truth is, it’s really okay to burnout. You can take a step back, reset, and get back to work with as much if not more motivation than before. Creative hustlers who have hit burnout before know that recognizing triggers is the key. Maybe it’s a feeling that your work isn’t fresh, maybe comparison is creeping in. Whatever the telltale sign, knowing your triggers gives you the ability reset before getting to the burnout tipping point.

Curb distractions

Limiting distractions can lead to more focused time and efforts spent on the creative hustle. When you are growing a business, launching a product, or some other creative hustle venture - your time is a most limited and valuable asset. Curbing distractions will work in your favor to put more focus where its needed to push your work forward.

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