3 Social Marketing Ideas for Creative Businesses

Using social media to market your creative business does not have to be overwhelming or incredibly expensive. Social media marketing can create engagement with your brand, promote your products, grow an audience of fans for your brand, and generate true instant feedback on your business. An engaged social media following will not only buy your products but also refer new customers to your creative business. Here are three ideas to get started:

Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to grow your social media following if you're just starting out, especially for a creative business with product to offer new customers. The giveaway will not only generate excitement about your product but it will also create awareness with people who may be introduced to your brand for the first time.

Tip: Include following your social account as a rule to join the giveaway, to grow your audience. You might also offer a promotional discount to everyone who entered the giveaway so everyone is rewarded for participating, and you create another opportunity for your business to gain a new customer.


Periscope, Instagram Live and Facebook Live are perfect platforms to generate buzz for your creative business. Live videos should be polished and well-planned, but these don't need to come with the expense of high value video production. Your audience wants to see a sneak peek of a soon-to-launch product or a behind-the-scenes tour into your creative business that looks and feels authentic. Try planning a LIVE event along with social posts that give a snapshot of what you revealed in this exclusive video content to keep the engagement and momentum with your social following growing.

Tip: Let your audience know ahead of time when you will be going LIVE. A simple post with the details and call to action should do: "Be sure to tune into our LIVE video at (time/date)". If you're revealing something big try teasing the announcement so your audience will be compelled not to miss out.

Social Brand Ambassadors

Your customers are your biggest ambassadors - tap into that collective affinity for your business by giving suggested social posts to your email list. If you are running a special marketing promotion or campaign, let customers spread the word by including a downloadable social image and message with a call to action to "share this" in your email newsletter, blog posts, and social channels.

Tip: Don't just rely on your own social following to spread the word. Enlist your biggest fans to be VIP brand ambassadors and co-create content with them to generate more buzz with their engaged audience. Invite guest bloggers and influencers to become ambassadors of your marketing campaign.

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