Why Develop a Personal Brand?

A personal brand is your authentic perspective, talents, and experience. Developing a personal brand can be essential to:

Creating a Vision For Growth

What are the most impactful moments that have set the course for your current career or business? How do you define a successful future outcome? Developing a personal brand can have a significant impact on creating a vision for growth because, like every good story, your personal brand story will have a beginning (your origin story), a middle (where you are today), and an end resolution (your vision for growth). 

Own Your Narrative

The first step in developing a personal brand is to clarify your story. This is more than an elevator pitch or how you might describe yourself in an “about me” page. Owning your narrative means discovering the values that motivate you, identifying the skills that contribute to your expertise, understanding the most impactful moments in your careerist or entrepreneur journey, and defining what your desired future outcomes are.

Grow Your Network

Connecting and growing a network can mean different things to different people. For an entrepreneur, connection can be the key to growing a network of clients and customers to grow a business. For the careerist, connection can be the key to prospecting for job growth opportunities. You could simply be building a network of like-minded experts in your niche to springboard ideas and keep your industry perspective fresh. Connections are built on relationships. A great personal brand conveys authenticity and relatability. It can be a catalyst for connection.

How would you like to benefit from developing a personal brand? How has your personal brand helped you to create your vision for growth, own your narrative, and grow your network? Leave a comment below or hit me up on Instagram and Twitter @savvymediagal! Cheers!