Refresh and Make This Your Best Business Year Yet

If you're taking time to evaluate your business goals and set your sights on the next level of growth, congratulations! You have totally got this. Here are a few tips that have been valuable to me in gaining clarity and focus on areas where my business can grow, and hopefully these will be useful to you too. Scroll on down to see the list.

Tip #1: Prioritize

As many business owners know and cannot stress enough - a business can sink or sail all on setting the course with a non-negotiable vision and game plan. The vision you have for your business can become real by setting goals and priorities. If this is a new and you're looking for clarity, here is a quick and simple exercise to get started. Grab a piece of paper and jot down your answers to these three discovery questions: Do you know how well your business is doing today - financially, in building client relationships, in establishing a strong brand? Do you know where you would like your business to grow in the next 3, 5, 10 years? What do you need to focus on, what actions can you take, to bridge the gap between where the business is right now to where you would like to to thrive and grow? The answers to these questions are non-negotiable priorities for how you spend your valuable time and where you invest your resources.

Tip #2: Outsource

Here's a little moment of truth - in what area of your business do you face the steepest learning curve? What area of your business has been on your "to-do" list, but despite the best intentions just does not get "done"? These are the areas where you might consider outsourcing the task so that you can continue to focus your time and efforts on the things that only you can do best for your business. Consider what it will take to get the job done to your best expectations, then consider who in your network could be a business partner in this area. You may even have the resources and need to hire a consultant with specific expertise or a virtual assistant. Be willing to identify where you can use help to get things done, and ask for it.

Tip #3: Set Boundaries

Being at the top of your game is a dance between focused drive and knowing when to take a step back from it all. The last thing any business owner wants, especially for freelancers and solo-preneurs who own the responsibility of doing it all, is an episode of burnout. Just as you set priorities for your business, know what you value most and prioritize in your life. Is it travel? Is it time spent with friends and family? Whatever you want to see yourself doing in your downtime - the point is exactly that. Set boundaries so that you do have re-energizing downtime and take breaks from the always on grind of a business owner. This can be as simple as blocking out one hour in your calendar each week -- and sticking to it -- then fill up that hour with the things that will be most re-energizing to you. 

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