How to Chase Progress Over Perfection

Can you believe we're turning the corner into a new year - already!? Yes, it's that time of year again when "new year, new me" goals are set with the best of intention. Yet somehow perfectionism can get in the way of progress.

To set goals that stick, try the progress over perfection approach. Whether it's a side hustle, starting a new business, or a leap into completely new territory - all it takes is progress. Want to stay inspired while making progress toward your next big thing? Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from my tried and true favorites:


"No matter how perfect you've made what you're creating, you're probably going to change it once you put it out there." Perfectionism can be a manifestation of procrastination and fear. Instead, constantly learn, evolve, put your best effort into your products and work and just put it out there. VIDEO: Why Perfectionism Will Crush Your Productivity Every Time - And How to Stop It, Marie Forleo

"Our desires were placed in our hearts for a reason, so let us never be afraid to begin the change we were created for." No one is perfect, so don't wait until you are to start. ARTICLE: How Imperfect People Can Do Really Great Things, Darling Magazine

"It's easy to say, 'I wish...', and so much harder to actually do." It is action that separates the dreamers from the do-ers. If a long term goals seems to big to take on - break it up into actionable steps and never be afraid to seek help from the talented people around you who can push your further on your way to making progress. ARTICLE: Goal Setting Tips to Help Your Rock Your Day, Month, and Year, Belong Magazine

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