10 Inspiring Blogs, Podcasts, and Youtube Channels for Creatives

I've taken a travel break from the blog recently for an immersive, sensory overload trip from San Francisco to Tel Aviv. Note: not a trip of the feet-in-the-sand-with-time-passing-on-by kind. With in-transit travel time being a whopping 18 hours, that's quite a bit of screen time to take in new content. Natch, I'll be breaking my blog absence with a list of my recommendations on must-read, listen, or watch content to inspire creative work.

Creator by We Work

If you're not familiar, We Work is a co-working outfit with locations across the globe. I was a member at the SOMA location in San Francisco for a short stint. Their online publication appeals to start-ups and freelance creatives on a wide range of topics from technology innovators, to work productivity, to the operational ins-and-outs of business ownership. Here's a recent piece not to be missed: Need Time to Be Creative? 7 Ways to Make It a Habit.

InVision Blog

InVision is a prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform. It's essentially a fan favorite among the ux/ui design community distributed across top, global brands. While many company blogs are quite honestly snooze-worthy or just another channel for sales pitching, the InVision blog is none of that. Articles are regularly contributed from experts in design outside of the company. It is a treasure trove of information and debate on today's trends in design and business.

99U on YouTube

If you can't make it into one of the highly coveted seats at the annual 99U conference where ideas on "1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration" converge, then this is the next best thing. Watch talks from conferences past from some of the leading and up-and-coming voices on creative work, leadership, and entrepreneurship like Simon Sinek, Heidi Grant Halvorson, and Casey Gerald. (In fact, if you don't take anything else away from this post click on that last link and watch Casey Gerald's talk on purpose is the bottom line. Right. Now.) 

Profit. Power. Pursuit. CreativeLive Podcast

This is a podcast where CreativeLive's Tara Gentile interviews successful creative business owners and "explores what it means to build a business and life on your creative drive." Gentile has a knack for asking next level questions to uncover insights from people who have harnessed their creative talents to build viable businesses.

The Nu Blog

Absolutely a need to know business resource for design freelancers and small, boutique agencies. The Nu School is the brainchild of three creatives with backgrounds that intersect design and technology. Come here for e-courses on pricing creative services and how-to market a freelance design business, stay for the of the moment topics on the blog.

And more from around the interwebs...