3 Ways to Use Visual Content Marketing to Grow Your Brand

We all know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" and with visual media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram seeing exponential growth in users, brands are keen to tap into the hype. Here are 3 ways to start using visual content marketing to grow your brand.

Use visuals in social media posts

Using visuals on social media increases engagement with your brand content. Take it from one of the most popular social media sites, Twitter recommends visual content like photos and videos to fuel tweet engagement. Social brand content with visuals is more likely to be re-shared.

Blogs with visuals draw more views

Blogs with visuals are more compelling. Kissmetrics studied engagement results on a number of blog articles and found that blogs with mages received 94% more views. Creating high-quality visual content that complements each article is worth the investment. The attention your brand is competing for in the flood content at people's fingertips is short. Use visuals to gain that attention.

Video content can influence purchases

It's not just photography or infographic content that attracts your audience and customers. From Adobe, shoppers who view video content are nearly 2x more likely to make a purchase. Create video content that supports what your customers want to know, feel, or do.

Quick and easy, right!? What challenges to creating visual content have you faced or hurdles you've crushed (woohoo)? Leave a comment below or hit me up @savvymediagal on Twitter or Instagram.